How to Wrap Presents with Kraft Paper

Are you hoping to jump on the kraft paper train? Not only is kraft paper incredibly versatile, it is also recyclable. (Not a lot of the holiday wrapping paper in stores are able to be recycled)

I recently got my ticket to the kraft paper train and wanted to share my tips with you.

  1. Find a distributor to buy from.
    1. There are many places to get kraft paper from nowadays. If you want the best deal though, I recommend doing a little more research on local places. I found a newsprint distributor in my hometown that let me walk out with 2 large rolls of paper for $10. It was quite a bargain for what they deemed¬†“mistake” rolls.
  2. Gather the ribbon and tags
    1. Since the paper is so plain on its own, I recommend getting some decoration to spruce up your gifts.
      1. Some good things to consider are ribbons, string, tags, and bows.
      2. Another consideration is making some stamps and stamping the outside for your own homemade pattern.
  3. Mix it up!
    1. I was a little worried that my plain wrapping would look not as Christmasy¬†compared to my family’s gifts. Silly, I know. To counteract this, I did wrap some presents with a simple patterned wrapping paper.

What are some of your tips for kraft wrapping paper? I would love to add to the list for others to enjoy!

Now I got to go, my tea is brewing.

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